The Never Ending Circle of Greed

One of the most significant realisations I have had from living 19 years of my life, not just from my own experiences, but also monitoring other people’s actions, is the fact that humans have the natural tendency to always want more, no matter what it is you may be wanting. (Why humans have this instinct will be discussed in a later post, ironically)

It is a habit within most humans to always be looking for what the next thing is; whats on tomorrow? Where are we heading next? I can’t wait until this happens. We all know that feeling when you open up that bag of your favourite snack, promising yourself this time you will reseal the bag and place it back in your pantry after eating 1 or 2 serving sizes.

But there is a different type of greed which is effecting your life to a much greater degree than the type that consists of consuming more calories than recommended in one sitting. It’s called the greed of time, and we seem to do it a dozen or more times a day. The amount of times people look at the time during the day, or look at their schedule to see whats on in the coming week, we may as well be living in the future, so to speak.

Every now and then you will come into contact with someone who seems extremely focused on their surroundings and dialed into the conversation which is taking place. These are the people who are not looking into the future, or who are not thinking to themselves ‘where am i going next?’ They seem completely satisfied with their current location in time, and those are the people who always seem the happiest, and who have the brightest personality.

One of the keys to happiness is to be satisfied in the moment, and not to be greedy with time, as the present time is all we have to worry about. Adopting this thought process is extremely beneficial to ones mood. That is, whatever comes in the future is up to the decisions you make in the present, and the past is the past, and therefore cannot be changed. Although it is sometimes helpful to ponder on the past and future, to learn from past experiences and plan for the future, most of what happens in the past and future is determined by the present. Be content with the present, and do not be greedy with time.


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