The Smartphone and How Its Effecting Conversation

I find very meaningful and exciting conversations with other people kind of a rarity, the ones which you are really connecting with the other person, and it is apparent that the other person is also connecting with you. As enjoyable as these types of conversations are, it seems to me that they are few and are between.

While enjoying one of these rare conversations which generally last for an exceedingly long amount of time, there is one thing that really kills it for both parties. While discussing usually a very specific topic which both of you find quite fascinating, ‘ding’, the sound of a smart phone breaks the conversation. This is sometimes followed up by a ‘hold up one second’, but usually they just look at their phone without saying anything, and therefore continue to put the conversation on hold, even if they were just in the middle of a sentence.

Usually after about 5 minutes or so of tapping on their smartphone, they slide their phone back into their pocket, and attempt to continue on with the conversation. However it seems as though the smartphone has acted almost like one of those devices you see in the Men In Black films, the neuralyzer, as it is called. The phone seems to have completely erased any memory the person held of the conversation which took place earlier.

A study, led by Nottingham Trent University, made the discovery that the average amount of times a person checks their phone a day is an unexpected 86. As a person who loves to socialise with friends distraction free, this habit which others, and admittedly myself, have picked up is a great way to kill an interesting and gripping conversation. After all, it is very difficult to overcome this addiction, as I find my phone bleeping and blopping countlessly, causing my mind to subconsciously block everything else out, only to check what is going on elsewhere.

When in conversations with people, it is very helpful to have your phone on silent, or just to leave your phone at home all together, when attending such social gatherings, as it allows for no distractions, and in turn encourages others to live within the moment in which they are in.

Leave a comment and let me know if any of you guys have this sort of problem.



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