Should You Get a Degree?

I wanted to take a break from my usual post topics to discuss something which has been on my mind lately. I am a student here in Australia at the University of Queensland, and attending university is something which I very much enjoy doing. I get to meet new people who in which we share the same interests, as well as further my insight into my chosen area of study, which is psychology. On top of this, through the completion of my degree I will be opened up to many more job opportunities than I would be if I skipped university.

Though through the years I have noticed a shift in society where high school graduates are beginning to disconsider attending university. I’m sure through the parents eyes this is the best option in which they would want their son or daughter to take, and sometimes even force this option onto them. As I’m sure in thier day this was indeed the best option, especially if you were wanting a good income and good job security, however in current times I have realised the path to attaining a college degree is becoming obselette.

As we stand, there is still a massive advantage which comes along with going to university in some areas of work. These areas mostly include knowlegde based positions such as science or engineering, where your resume needs to compete with others when applying for a job. University does also teach a lot of very useful skills such as critical thinking, and provides an enviournment where students can network and meet people who they might end up working with in the future.

However, there are always those who feel they are not adademically good enough to be successful at university or even sometimes at highschool. Maybe they are very creative and dont requre books to fulfil their passion, or maybe they are more of a people person and can sell something to almost anybody. I strongly believe that everybody has the potential to be great at something, and school might not be that thing. I think for them it would be absurd to leave high school and go staight into a 3-4 year degree just because “thats what people do”. The cost and time to complete that degree need to be taken into consideration, and the fact that without that degree, more time and money can be put into thier own business or art would turn out more beneficial in the long run for a lot of poeple.

A bachelours degree will not impress anyone if someone is trying to start their own busness. But how does someone gain the insight into starting their own business? This must have been a fundamental flaw in skipping university for a good part of the 20th century, however the internet solves all of these problems today. With the amout of platforms and online courses taylored to your liking that are avalible online, anyone can yeild the informtion they want with a phone or a computer, and at times, free of charge.

The internet gives less of a reason for someone to attend any fromal education, it just depends on what end result you want to. If you are looking to work for someone, get a degree. If you are wanting people to work for you, maybe going to university isnt for you, and your time would be better spend building a business. I am happy to continue finishing my degree, because my end goal is to recieve my official degree to then go into the workforce, and to me that is a nessesary part of my journey.

Maybe as time goes on, university and college brands will become obselete, and the internet will offer a better platform for sharing information and gaining knowlegde in all areas. University does have its place for now, but maybe in the future businesses and employers will look less for degrees and attractive resumes and more for real world experience. Are we in the midst of the collapse of outdated learning procedures?


2 thoughts on “Should You Get a Degree?

  1. I love this post. I have done both. Formal education is only one path. I always say: you can pay a professor to read the text to you or, if youโ€™re disciplined enough, you can buy the damn book and explore the subject yourself. Classrooms are only one method and not always the best method. I have never taken a formal physics or writing course. Learning is nothing but a choice and experience, not the classroom, is the most thorough teacher.

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